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Feb 18, 2020 Net #1345

AMSAT GOLF-TEE satellite
AMSAT Gear on our Zazzle storefront
AMSAT Linear Transponder Module (LTM-1) and HuskySat-1
Free Digital Copy of “Getting Started with Amateur Satellites” Avai
Instructions at
The digital download version of the 2019 edition of Getting Started with Amateur Satellites is now available as a DRM-free PDF from the AMSAT Store.
5 Tips on Etiquette and Good Manners on the FM Satellites
The ARISS webpage
main page for Applying to Host a Scheduled Contact
Arrows, Alaskan Arrows, and M2 LEO-Packs from the AMSAT Store.
AMSAT hamfest brochure
#SnowBirdRove (EL79 February 1-29, 2020
Vidalia, LA (EM41) February 28 – March 1, 2020
Big Bend National Park (DL88) March 16-17, 2020
VY0ERC from the Eureka Weather station
5 watt 2.4 GHz amplifier kit
The first crewed mission of the SpaceX Crew Dragon may launch on May 7th
All currently orbiting FUNcube family satellites being launched
EIRSAT-1 CubeSat Testing
Spaceflight, Inc. to Mitsui and Co.

Feb 11, 2020 Net #1344

FoxTelem Software
amsatLink Project
Yuma AZ Hamfest
WD9EWK on Twitter
Track Patrick
Donate to AMSAT
SnowBirdRove EL79 Feb 1-29
Key West EL84 Feb 9-11
Big Bend Park DL88 Mar 16-17 AD0DX
Big Bend Park DL88 Mar 16-17 N6UA
Big Bend Park DL88 Mar 16-17 W3ARD
VY0RC Thru Mar 28
328 Days on ISS
QRM de Galileo NavSats
AMSAT BoD Meeting Minutes
AMSAT Financial Audit
Apollo 11 Complete Descent Video
Get Orbital Index
Video of All Current FUNcube Satellite Launches
5 watt 2.4 GHz Amplifier Kit for QO-100
QARMAN and Phoenix CubeSats Deploy Feb 12
Electromagnetic Field EMF 2020 Event Plans
EIRSAT-1 CubeSat Status
Repeating Deep Space Radio Bursts
Voyager 2 Comeback

Feb 04, 2020 Net #1343

Latest Version of FoxTelem
Fox-In-A-Box FoxTelem Software
AMSAT Membership
How to Get Free Gift Vid
AMSAT Argentina APRS Buoy
Donate to AMSAT
SnowBirdRove EL79 Feb 1-29
Key West EL84 Feb 9-11
Big Bend Park DL88 Mar 16-17 AD0DX
Big Bend Park DL88 Mar 16-17 N6UA
Big Bend Park DL88 Mar 16-17 W3ARD
Donate to GOLF-TEE
Upcoming AMSAT Spain Hamsats
Product Assurance in ESA projects for SMEs
ANS Mailing List
RocketLab Launch Replay
KG4AKV Receiving HuskeySat-1
UW Video About HuskeySat-1
ASU Phoenix CubeSat
Tour of Cygnus NG-12

Jan 28, 2020 Net #1342

AMSAT News Service Subscription
Newest Version of FoxTelem Software
Donate to GOLF
Updated Fox-In-A-Box FoxTelem Software
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
Foundations of AMSAT Panel on AO-5
Australian Radio Show on AO-5
Info About AO-5 Book
FO-99 One Year Ops Report
Digital Version of Getting Started Book
Ontario Science Centre 96-Year-Old Ham ARISS QSO
Apply For School ARISS QSO
AMSAT Hardware Store
New AMSAT Hamfest Brochure
New Orleans Rove
EL79 Rove
DL88 Rove AD0DX
DL88 Rove N6UA
DL88 Rove W3ARD
Raspberry Pi Satgate
PO-101 QSL
NO-84 Info
NO-104 Info
Updates to K5EMs SatMatch Tool
LO-90 Info
Taurus-1 Info
Hackaday CubeSat Article
SpaceX Info
SpaceX Starlink Sats
Exploding Satellite?
Cygnus and HuskySat-1
Rice Radio KTRU-LP

Jan 21, 2020 Net #1341

AMSAT Volunteers
GOLF Donations
ARISS QSO Proposals
ARISS Proposal Webinar
AMSAT Hardware Store
Qarman Beacon Definition QARMAN_BCNdef_v1.1
Beacon Decoder spreadsheet QARMAN_BCNdecoder
Getting Started – Digital Download
Memorial Service – Brian WB6CYT
Adam KC3OBS – LA Roams
AD0DX Ron – Big Bend Park DL88
N6UA Doug – Big Bend Park DL88
W3ARD Josh – Big Bend Park DL88
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
WIA 2020 Conference
LO-19 30th Anniversary Events
More on LO-19 Events
Lockheed Space Mesh Satellites
AMSAT-LU LU1ESY Picoballoon
Rice Space Institute
Rice University KTRU-LP

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