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Jan 21, 2020 Net #1341

AMSAT Volunteers
GOLF Donations
ARISS QSO Proposals
ARISS Proposal Webinar
AMSAT Hardware Store
Qarman Beacon Definition QARMAN_BCNdef_v1.1
Beacon Decoder spreadsheet QARMAN_BCNdecoder
Getting Started – Digital Download
Memorial Service – Brian WB6CYT
Adam KC3OBS – LA Roams
AD0DX Ron – Big Bend Park DL88
N6UA Doug – Big Bend Park DL88
W3ARD Josh – Big Bend Park DL88
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
WIA 2020 Conference
LO-19 30th Anniversary Events
More on LO-19 Events
Lockheed Space Mesh Satellites
AMSAT-LU LU1ESY Picoballoon
Rice Space Institute
Rice University KTRU-LP

Jan 14, 2020 Net #1340

Andy is out fishing, no links tonight.

* Virgin Orbit Plans Flight Test of LauncherOne Rocket in February
* AMSAT Awards Update
* AMSAT at Cowtown Hamfest – Ft. Worth – January 17-18
* JARL Announces FO-29 Activation Schedule
* CAMSAT Says CAS-6 Activation for Amateur Use has been Delayed
* Telemetry Dashboard Available for SMOG-P and ATL PocketQubes
* MIT Radio Society W1MX January Lecture Series on “Everything Radio”
* AMSAT-DL Announces a New QO-100 DownConverter V3d
* AMSAT South Africa Space Symposium 2020 First Call for Papers
* Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule
* Upcoming Satellite Operations
* Satellite Shorts From All Over

Jan 07, 2020 Net #1339

2020 MLK Jr Award
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
Winter Field Day
AMSAT Hardware Store
AMSAT Hamfest Brochure
AMSAT Ambassador Program
Big Bend DL88 Ops AD0DX
Big Bend DL88 Ops N6UA
Big Bend DL88 Ops W3ARD
Donate to AMSAT
2020 SARC Communicator NL
CBC Hamilton Sat News Item
China on the Moon
AMSAT-UK Dec 2019 NL
DXPed Botswana Video
Fox Sat Telemetry Ops
Fox -in-a-Box Updated SW
Glendale AZ Hamfest
Thunderbird ARC
WD9EWK on Twitter
Your Ground Station Performance
Repeating Radio Signal from Space
More Starlink Satellites

Dec 17, 2019 Net #1338

AMSAT News Service Bulletins
Help Find OPS-SAT
AMSAT Hardware Store
FoxTelem version 1.08w Released Windows
FoxTelem version 1.08w Released Linux
FoxTelem version 1.08w Released Mac
NASA Book – Earth At Night
India Article on Dutchifat3
Ham Radio University
Donate to AMSAT
ARISS to Council Rock HS
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
Ham Radio Day on the Queen Mary
Hawaii Sat Ops Dec 21-28
Big Bend National Park (DL88) March 16-17 AD0DX
Big Bend National Park (DL88) March 16-17 W3ARD
Big Bend National Park (DL88) March 16-17 N6UA
LEO Satellite Design Book
ESA Film – The Burn
Orbital Index Software List
KTRU-LP Rice University Radio

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