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Sep 18, 2018 Net #1274

US Space and Rocket Center
Marriott at the Space and Rocket Center
Symposium Registration
AO-73 Schedule Info
FM Hamsat Frequency Info
Linear Hamsat Frequency Info
AO-92 Captured Images
ARISS international
Route 66 On the Air
Upcoming Hamsat Ops
New Book on Digital ATV
APRS contacts via ARISS and PSAT
DMR Interference to AO-92
Journal of Small Satellites

Sep 11, 2018 Net #1273

Sign Up For ANS
AMSAT At Zazzle
Gary WA2AQH Obit
Gary WA2AQH Online Guest Book
World Maker Faire
September edition of Satmagazine
FoxTelem v.1.06 Software
FoxTelem v.1.06 Software
FoxTelem v.1.06 Software
Clock Program
WWV Eclipse Observations
WWVB Observations
AO-94 Online JT4G Telemetry Forwarder
AO-94 JT4G Telemetry Display
AO-94 GMSK Telemetry
AO-94 SSDV Images

Sep 04, 2018 Net #1272

Sign Up For ANS
AMSAT At Zazzle
Rover Award Updates
AO-73 Updates
2018 ARRL/TAPR Banquet
2018 ARRL/TAPR Seminar
2018 ARRL/TAPR Schedule
2018 ARRL/TAPR Registration
Nasa SCaN Now
Nasa NeN Now
Nasa NeN Home
Nasa DSN Now
Nasa DSN Home
AMSAT 2018 BoD Candidate Bios
AMSAT-EA Special Award
AMSAT 2108 Symposium Schedule
Alabama Outstanding Youth Ham Award
Save WWV and WWVH
Radio Astronomy and Ruby Payne-Scott

Aug 28, 2018 Net #1271

Sign Up for ANS
Upcoming Satellite Ops
South Texas BLT on Facebook
WWV-WWVB Funding Petition
AO-91 Mobile to Mobile QSO
AMSAT Field Day Results
Keith Baker Promoting Dayton at Tokyo
The JAMSAT Booth at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2018
Homebrew 1.2GHz Helix
23cm Yagi Kits
WA5VJB Homebrew Cheap Yagi

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