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Feb 19, 2019 Net #1295

AMSAT-DL QO-100 Article
QO-100 WebSDR Project
QO-100 Sardinia WebSDR
JO97 FO-99 QO-100 LoTW Config File
Renew or Join AMSAT
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
Upcoming Hamsat Ops
Raspberry Pi SSTV Receiver
ANS Bulletins
SOTA Folks on QO-100
AMSAT Operating Hints
WD9EWK ARRL Article on ISS Digital QSOs
Qatar Amateur Radio Society Info
Observations of a Re-entering Hamsat
Save Raft

Feb 12, 2019 Net #1294

Sign Up For ANS
Fox Data Warehouse
Decoded Fox Reports
Donate to AMSAT
Es hailSat Teleport Inauguration
Es hailSat BATC WebSDR at Goonhilly
Es hailSat IS0GRB WebSDR in Sardinia
FalconSat-3 Telemetry
Pacsat Ground Manual
Pacsat Telemetry Software
Pacsat Telem SW Issues Site
Opensource SW Details
More Pacsat SW Info
Villanova University CubeSat Club
European ARISS School Contacts
Non-US ARISS QSO Application
Post and View ARISS SSTV Images
Special SSTV ARISS Award
ISS Packet Map
Donate to ARISS
Ham Talk Live with Frank Bauer
KG4AKV SpaceComms Ground Station Build Video 1
KG4AKV SpaceComms Ground Station Build Video 1
KG4AKV SpaceComms Ground Station Build Video 1
Subscribe to KG4AKV SpaceComms YouTube Channel
FUNcube Dashboard Summary Update
If Your FUNcube Authorization is Lost
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
Yuma AZ Hamfest
Follow Patrick WD9EWK
AMSAT-F Survey
AMSAT-F Website
Cal Poly Cubesat Training
2019 CubeSat Developers Workshop
Sign Up for CubeSat Workshop Mailing List
Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia
Link Budget Calculator
Article on Development and Launch of NEXUS
SatMatch Site
AMSAT SA Space Symposium
CQ-DATV Article Index
Canadian National Parks on the Air
Andromeda Galaxy via Hubble
NASA MarCO Cubesats Silent

Feb 05, 2019 Net #1293

Donate to AMSAT
NEXUS is FO-99
OrgamiSat-1 is FO-98
AMSAT 50th Anniversary Awards
KA3HDO Ham Talk Live Podcast
Donate to ARISS
AMSAT Stuff on Zazzle
European Astro Pi Challenge
AMSAT-DL Website Now Multilingual
AMSAT and ARISS FundRazr Campaign
Volunteer for AMSAT
Yuma Hamfest
Upcoming Satellite Ops
JO-97 Out of Safe Mode
D-STAR ONE iSat Active Audio Sample
NASA on the Air Certificates
Listen for KALAMSAT-V2
Support PicSat Documentary
PicSat on Twitter
AMSAT Sweden S-Band Issue
Costa Rica Ops
AMSAT Italy Council
New Batteries for FT-817

Jan 29, 2019 Net #1292

Ham Talk Live
Get ANS Direct
Fox Telem Software
See Downloaded Fox Telemetry
Next ISS SSTV Soon
See ISS SSTV Images
VHF Super Conference
AMSAT 50th Anniversary Awards
Fox-1 CubeSat Model
Govt Shutdown and NASA
Australia Launch Complex
India to Fly 100 Student Sats
Images From NEXUS
IARU Satellites Declined Freq Coord
India Students Listen to ISS
Info on 60 Minutes Show With SmallSats
OrgamiSat-1 Info
3D Print AO-91 Model

Jan 22, 2019 Net #1291

Knacksat RX Reports Needed
Knacksat Page
Knacksat Antenna Deployment Tests
OrgamiSat-1 Info
Try Some Orgami
AMSAT Membership
50th Anniversary AMSAT Awards Info
Fox-1 CubeSat Model Kit
AZ CubeSat Postdoc Job Opening
Cal Poly CubeSat Workshop
Labrador Hamsat Ops
AMSAT and ARISS FundRazr Campaign
EQUIsat Online SatNOg Decoder
Article on UAE MySat-1
ICOM IC-9700 Previewed in UK
Sign Up for AMSAT-BB
Alibaba Candy Tin
PR Newswire on Candy Tin

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