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Dec 05, 2017 Net #1233

NASA Drone vs Human
ISS Global Testing SSTV December 5-6
IARU Satellite Coordination
NASA on the Air
ARISS – Venezuela QSO
Maximum Power Point Tracker on Fox-1B
EcAMSat Info

Nov 28, 2017 Net #1232

Growing Barley on the ISS
Visit AMSAT and Join Today!
FunCube Satellite Launch Videos
EcAMSat Deployed From ISS
Amazon Smile
RSGB Space Posters
SUWS LF/VHF/UHF/uW WebSDR near London
N4JY AO-91 AFC Test Recording
Why AO-91 Will Be Great
Preferred Eggbeater
DJI Phantom Landed on Britain’s Biggest Warship
Humanoid Robot Sophia Press Interview

Nov 21, 2017 Net #1231

ESA CubeSat Workshop
British Ham TV Club
Polish ARISS SSTV Reception Award
HamSCI Workshop
ITU News Magazine 04/2017
PW8PM 4 Corner Grid Vid
Squirt the Birds
Asteroid from Beyond
Fox 1B AO-91 Info and Audio
Another Audio Recording
Raspberry pi rtl sdr SATGATE Script

Nov 14, 2017 Net #1230

NASA Live Launch TV
United Launch Alliance
RadFxSat Telemetry Software
Get Ready for RadFxSat
Fox-1D Updates
ARISS Proposals
D-Star ONE CubeSat
Space Flight Insider on D-Star ONE
Galapagos DXped
The OSCAR List
Freenode Info
Webchat at Freenode
Squirt the Birds
CubeSats are Challenging Article
Scouts Receive FunCube Message
AMSAT Spain Newsletter
First Dream Chaser Test
PW8PM 4 Corner Grid Operation Video

Oct 24, 2017 Net #1228

Duty-Cycle of Modes Thread
2017 Colloquium Video Presentations
2017 HAMSATS Intro
2017 Es hail-2 by Peter Guelzow DB2OS
2017 The Goonhilly Project
PY5/PW8PM Sat Video
Getting Started with Satellites with KX9X
September/October 2017 Apogee View
RadFxSat Countdown
Project Loon over Puerto Rico
Setup Wisp and Soundmodem With HW-VSP
Solar Storms

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