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Nov 12, 2019 Net #1333

AMSAT News Service via ANS List
Digital Version of Getting Started Manual
Daily WRC-19 Updates
Join ARRL IARU Discussion Group
TRSI PocketQube Frequency Coordination Info
FossaSat-1 PocketQube Frequency Coordination Info
ALE-2 Info
Rocket Labs Mission Page
2020 Cubesat Developers Workshop
AMSAT 50th Anniversary Awards Program
AMSAT Hardware Store
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
ARISS QSO via Vigonovo
ARISS QSO via Pederobba
Donate to AMSAT
Upcoming HAMSAT Ops
Talks from the PocketQube Workshop
Some PocketQube Workshop Slides
Videos from Open Source Cubesat Workshop
Libre Space Foundation
QO-100 with 100 mW
Complex Satellite Motion Explained
Free MagPi 87 Mag
National STEM Day Grants
Digi-Key Reference Design Library
ALL Symposium Proceedings on ONE USB Flash Drive
AMSAT Symposium Engineering Update Video
145.670 (D-Star) Dallas FSQ
Texas VHF-FM Society Bandplan
ARRL Bandplan

Nov 05, 2019 Net #1332

ARISS Webinar Nov 7
Videos 2019 AMSAT Space Symposium
Foundations of AMSAT 2019 AMSAT Banquet Panel
FoxTelem Version 1.08r Changes
FoxTelem 1.08r Windows
FoxTelem 1.08r Linux
FoxTelem 1.08r Mac
1986 Thru 2019 Symposium Proceedings Flash Drive
Fox-In-A-Box Upgrades FoxTelem 1.08r
AMSAT Store Hardware
Donate to AMSAT
Upcoming HAMSAT Ops
Digital Download 2019 Getting Started Manual
GNU Radio Conference Recordings
Raspberry Pi-Based SatNOGS Ground Station
News from the Week 1 of WRC
Dzhanibekov Effect Article
Dzhanibekov Effect Video
Ham Radio and Linux – A Beginners Guide
ESA New ISS Opportunity University Students
CQ-DATV November Issue
Sat Comms for Emergency Ops
JE9PEL New Sat Pix Info
Follow the Union Pacific Big Boy Locomotive

Oct 29, 2019 Net #1331

ANS Mailing List
2019 AMSAT Space Symposium Videos
Watch Live NASA Launches
ELaNa XXV Pre-Launch Details
1986-2019 AMSAT Space Symposium Proceedings Flash Drive
AMSAT Hardware
AMSAT-DL Symposium
ARISS QSO Proposal Info
ARISS Website
AMSAT and ARISS FundRazr
Donate to AMSAT
Soundmodem SW Update
AD0HJ on Twitter
AD0DX on Twitter
Tanner W9TWJ on Twitter
VY0ERC on Twitter
EA4NF on Twitter
N7AGF on Twitter
AMSATs Upcoming Hamsat Ops
2019 Digital Download Getting Started
AMSAT Hamfests and Conventions
Fox-In-A-Box Raspberry Pi SD Card
Apply for Next SpaceX Launch Viewing
Be A NASA Intern
KU2Y and N8PK PDF Presentation
KU2Y Announcement on Twitter
KU2Y and N8PK Power Point Presentation
QO-100 Presentation and More
2019 Microwave Update Proceedings
AMSAT Live Hamsat Status Page
AO-07 Ops Info
NASA Article About ARISS
First Space-Earth Duet
NASAs Galaxy of Horrors
NASAs Galaxy of Horrors Download
West Point ARISS QSO
ARRL on groups.io
ARRL Link to Join the Groups
NFL Inspired Satellite Docking Tool
New Look for ESA Site
Will We Survive Mars
How To Ham Software on Raspberry Pi
Use Raspberry Pi Sync Windshield Wipers to Music
2020 AMSAT-SA Space Symposium
SatRevolution in Poland
Andromeda Attack on Milky Way

Oct 22, 2019 Net #1330

Sign Up for ANS
Watch the Symposium Videos
Download the Symposium Schedule
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
Watch the AMSAT-UK Colloquium Videos
AMSAT Store Hardware
Fox-In-A-Box Raspberry Pi SD Card
AMSAT Italy Youtube Channel
ARISS Webpage
Donate to AMSAT
Hawaii Grids
SpaceX Starlink Request

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