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Oct 08, 2019 Net #1328

Info on A-07 Systems
More AO-7 Information
50th Anniversary AMSAT Space Symposium
Symposium Registration Page
ARISS QSO Proposal Info
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
2.4 GHz Temporary OK in Spain
AMSAT South Africa
South Africa Radio League
PDF of 2019 AMSAT Getting Started Manual
CM79 Oct 7-9 2019
Hungary (JN97) Oct 7-10 2019
#AMSATandAngling (DM15, DM06) Oct 11-13 2019
Central CA (CM95, CM96, DM05, DM06) Oct 19 2019
Hawaii (BK19, BK28, BK29, BL20) Dec 21-28 2019
ESA Academy Hosts CubeSat Academy
Cubesat Developers 2020 Workshop
Santa Rosa ARISS QSO Press
SatMag on Smallsats
Space Week
Tony Hutchisonan and NASA/MIR/ARISS Article
Othernet Ku RX

Oct 01, 2019 Net #1327

AMSAT News Service
AMSAT on Twitter
AO-92 Health and Telemetry
AMSAT Activities and Events
50th Anniversary AMSAT Space Symposium
Register for the Symposium
Virgin Orbit Press Release
Captive Launcher One Testing
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
AMSAT and ARISS on Fundrazr
St. Pierre and Miquelon DXPed
2019 Getting Started eBook
NASA Space Apps Challenge
2019 Space Apps Challenge
Locations of Apps Events
Maps of Locations of Apps Events
Fox-In-A-Box Pi SD Card
FO-29 CW Telemetry Analysis Program
Video on LEILA-2 on QO-100
AO-73 FITTER Messages
Flex 6000 Series HAMSAT Station
SDR Article with More
AMSAT 50th Anniversary Awards Program
Mars 2020 Name the Rover Essay Contest
Safety Around a Black Hole
Brochures and More on Black Hole Safety
Black Hole Visualization Angles
AMSAT-SA Space Symposium 2020
Boston Dynamics Dancing Robot
AMSAT Upcoming Ops Page

Sep 24, 2019 Net #1326

2019 AMSAT Symposium Registration
2019 Preliminary Symposium Schedule
IEEE GRSS Student Grand Challenge
More on GRSS Grand Challenge
QO-100 Satellite, GNU Radio and SDR Talks
AMSAT 50th Anniversary Awards Program
FP/KV1J St Pierre and Miquelon DXped
Upcoming Satellite Operations
Video of Australia ARISS QSO
Gearing Up for the Lunar Gateway
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
IPS High Level Programming
AL6D Receives NATCHA Medal and Award
Hack the Satellites
The Smallsat Revolution
SpaceX and Starlink
The Space Launch System
AO-7 Sweet Spots Image
South Texas Balloon Launch Team

Sep 17, 2019 Net #1325

Sign Up For ANS Bulletins
NO-104 Info
CelesTrak Site
LO-90 Symposium Paper
ARDC Donation to ARISS
Donate to ARISS
IARU Region 3 Band-Plan
Region 3 Directors Meeting Report
Live OSCAR Hamsat Status Page
Donate to AMSAT
ARISS Website
AMSAT-UK Colloquium Webstream
AMSAT-UK Colloquium Info
Travel Info for RSGB/AMSAT-UK Event
AMSAT 50th Anniversary Awards Program
Albuquerque Duke City Hamfest
AMSAT Academy at Hamfest
N6O Satellite DXped
St. Pierre and Miquelon DXped
W3ZM On The Road
Upcoming Satellite Operations
AMSAT-LU WSPR Picoballoon
Flashback Friday
Neutron-1 Info
Japan Launchpad Fire
Villanova University Paper on Hamsats
Set Up Raspberry Pi for Ham Radio Ops
Satellite Collision Article
Donate to GOLF
Video About Vikram

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