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February 21, 2017 Net #1194

New Nayif-1 TLEs
Nayif-1 Telemetry Dashboard
Nayif-1 Guidance notes
Dashboard and Warehouse Test File
Nayif-1 Data Warehouse
Bahamas Updates M0VFC
Bahamas Updates M0IDA
ARISS QSO Proposals
More ARISS Info
CubeSat Developers Workshop
ANS Mailing List
KK4FEM Nayif-1 Recording
BY70-1 End Orbit

February 14, 2017 Net #1193

ISS SSTV Posting
STEM Ideas for ARISS Monitoring
ARRL Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology
University Cubesat Opportunity
UK Space Agency
Nayif-1 Dashboard Download
Nayif-1 Dashboard Notes
A Test File for the Dashboard
Nayif-1 Predicted Keps
Nayif-1 Specs
Data Warehouse Preview
Funcube IRC Web Client
ARISS HAMTV Video Stream
Additional Ground Station Streaming
Smallsat Launcher War
NASA Wants Commercial Space Companies
Smallsat Builders Want More
SSTV Images Received in Lagoas Brazil
Houston Hanmfest

February 07, 2017 Net #1192

M2 LEO-Pack Antenna System
QB50 Frequency Excel Spreadsheet
ARISS Updates
Episode 1: Getting to Mars
Episode 2: A Foundation for Mars
Episode 3: Rocket Fuel
Episode 4: Working With Gravity
DC Area Technician License Class
Class Maps and Directions
What is Ham Radio
Discovering Amateur Radio Video
Space Capsule on I-10

January 31, 2017 Net #1191

BATC Videos of AMSAT-UK Colloquium Talks 2009-2012
Non-Ham ISS to School Inflight Call
Palm Springs Hamfest
Anode-Free Lithium Battery
Predicted End of BY70-1
Track WD9EWK’s Route
at WD9EWK Twitter Feed
Rockets from India

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