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Nov 14, 2017 Net #1230

NASA Live Launch TV
United Launch Alliance
RadFxSat Telemetry Software
Get Ready for RadFxSat
Fox-1D Updates
ARISS Proposals
D-Star ONE CubeSat
Space Flight Insider on D-Star ONE
Galapagos DXped
The OSCAR List
Freenode Info
Webchat at Freenode
Squirt the Birds
CubeSats are Challenging Article
Scouts Receive FunCube Message
AMSAT Spain Newsletter
First Dream Chaser Test
PW8PM 4 Corner Grid Operation Video

Oct 24, 2017 Net #1228

Duty-Cycle of Modes Thread
2017 Colloquium Video Presentations
2017 HAMSATS Intro
2017 Es hail-2 by Peter Guelzow DB2OS
2017 The Goonhilly Project
PY5/PW8PM Sat Video
Getting Started with Satellites with KX9X
September/October 2017 Apogee View
RadFxSat Countdown
Project Loon over Puerto Rico
Setup Wisp and Soundmodem With HW-VSP
Solar Storms

Oct 17, 2017 Net #1227

AMSAT Symposium Registration
AMSAT Symposium Schedule
AMSAT Symposium Tours
NASA JPSS-1 and ELaNa XIV/RadFxSat/Fox-1B Launch Info
AMSAT RadFxSat Videos
Fox-1Cliff Ride Vid 1
Fox-1Cliff Ride Vid 2
Scientific American Magazine Interviews KD2BHC
AMSAT-UK Interview Coverage
FalconSat 3 Keps
UZ7HO HS Soundmodem v0.19
Wisp for Windows
K2MO Video on How To Wisp-VSP-Soundmodem
European Astro Pi Challenge Announcement
Astro-Pi Web Page
UK OFCOM Satellite Regulation Workshop
Your Name to Mars
More on NASA Frequent Flyer Program
DXped to HC8
DXped to SK0
South Africa Kletskous Updates
HamVideo ISS Status
Hosting an ARISS QSO
Sally Ride EarthKAM Space Camp
EarthKAM User Guide
YOTA 2017 Interviews
Observe the Moon Night October 28
AMSAT-UK YouTube Channel
Satellites: A New Horizon for DXpeditions
The VHF-UHF-µW Newsletters
Ham Talk Live Show
STXBLT Facebook Page

Oct 10, 2017 Net #1226

Sputnik Replica
Sputnik XMTR Design
AMSAT-DL Annual Meeting
AMSAT Weekly Video Report
Communicating Winter Weather Surface Impacts
AMSAT Symposium Registration
Symposium Hotel
Symposium Schedule
Symposium Tours
Houston from 97,000 ft
Sputnik 1 History

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