South Africa AMSAT Satellite Communications Achievement Award

South Africa has a nice award it is called the South Africa AMSAT Satellite Communication Achievement Award. It is for 25 different stations on phase 2 satellites. Satellites that qualify for this award are AO-7, Fuji-Oscar 20/29, AO-21, AO-27 and RS-10/12/15, UO-14, AO-49, SO-50, AO-51 and future satellites that are LEO. These contacts may all be in the same state or Canadian call area. You only need 25. AO-10, AO-13 and AO-40 contacts do not count. The costs are the same as previous awards and are also sent to AMSAT Director of Contests and Awards, Bruce Paige, KK5DO.

    SAA#         CALL   DATE ISSUED
    ====     ========   ===========
     1           ZR1L     07-Jan-87
     2          ZR2FK     07-Jam-87
     3         ZS2AAE     08-Jan-87
     4         ZS6BMN     05-Jan-89
     5          N1ETT     02-Apr-89
     6           KY1T     12-Jun-89
     7         VE4AMU     15-May-91
     8          K7YHA     28-May-93
     9              ?
     10             ?
     11             ?
     12         N3KQV     25-Jul-93
     13          W5UB     25-Jul-93
     14         VE2QO     25-Jul-93
     15          WS7C     25-Jul-93
     16        IW1PED     07-Oct-93
     17        KB5ZRV     24-Oct-93 (KK5DO)
     18         N8VEA     13-Nov-93
     19        WA7GCS     04-Jan-94
     20        WB5OTD     03-Apr-94
     21        WB8OTH     30-May-94
     22        KA0YOS     25-Jul-94
     23         N2MUC     26-Jul-94
     24         N0GVK     29-Aug-94
     25        VE3EFF     28-Oct-94
     26         KG8BG     30-Oct-94
     27        KC4YAU     11-Nov-94
     28        KB4NVD
     29         NH6YK     03-Jan-95
     30         W4LMJ     03-Jan-95
     31         K8RWL     22-Jan-95
     32         XE1KK     22-Jan-95
     33         N2QXF     14-Jul-95
     34          F1OK     14-Jul-95
     35         N7DQU     29-Sep-95
     36        HR2KOS     15-Nov-95
 Change to U.S. awards manager signature
    US1        SP5FKW     15-Nov-95
    US2         SV1SN     18-Nov-95
    US3         KS4DU     18-Nov-95
    US4        VE6ITV     18-Nov-95
    US5        SV1CIF     20-Jan-96
    US6         AA4XO     20-Jan-96
    US7         N8JTR     20-Jan-96
    US8        DL6UAA     20-Jan-96
    US9         N3QWE     02-Jun-96
    US10        F5RRS     02-Jun-96
    US11       WA8NPX     31-Aug-96
    US12         F8GB     31-Aug-96
    US13        N9MMT     05-Oct-96
    US14        KI5OS     05-Oct-96
    US15       VS6XMT     05-Oct-96
    US16       KB7TJM     05-Oct-96
    US17       WA3TXR     24-Nov-96
    US18       DG9BIP     24-Nov-96
    US19       VE6SWC     24-Nov-96
    US20        N5JGK     24-Nov-96
    US21       WA3YGQ     14-Jan-97
    US22        N1JEZ     14-Jan-97
    US23         WE1U     14-Jan-97
    US24        N1RWY     14-Jan-97
    US25        W8FDV     14-Jan-97
    US26         NM1K     14-Jan-97
    US27        KE0VN     14-Jan-97
    US28        N1HHQ     03-Mar-97
    US29        N9YCT     03-Mar-97
    US30        N8LGP     03-Mar-97
    US31        DA1LA     03-Mar-97
    US32        W4PBG     03-Mar-97
    US33        VE2QO     03-Mar-97
    US34       KE6QHS     21-Apr-97
    US35       KC6SZY     26-Apr-97
    US36        W0KSD     26-Apr-97
    US37       WA5VKS     26-Apr-97
    US38       KC7QFS     30-Jun-97
    US39       IW1CBG     07-Jul-97
    US40       TI5RLI     14-Sep-97
    US41        F1PYW     12-Dec-97
    US42        VP9MU     03-Jan-98
    US43       KD6VPE     07-Mar-98
    US44        VR2IL     07-Mar-98
    US45        KE4BF     07-Mar-98
    US46         WY4D     18-Apr-98
    US47       HB9VBO     09-Aug-98
    US48        AC5DK     09-Aug-98
    US49        N3ZLL     14-Oct-98
    US50       XE2YVW     14-Oct-98
    US51        F6ACC     12-Dec-98
    US52        K1MKF     12-Dec-98
    US53        W5DGK     17-Jun-99
    US54       DL4VBS     21-Mar-00
    US55        N5ZNL     15-May-00
    US56        WA2RF     19-Jul-00
    US57     KB9PAO/4     21-Aug-00
    US58        VY1RT     26-Aug-00
    US59        N8GHZ     24-Sep-00
    US60       KC0GCK     12-Oct-00
    US61        N5AFV     08-Jan-01
    US62       WB1EEU     22-Jan-01
    US63         NC7I     26-Feb-01
    US64        F4BLE     06-Mar-01
    US65        W5ADC     08-Aug-01
    US66        GM0ICF    27-Feb-02
    US67        K5ALE     15-Mar-02
    US68        K5MAN     27-Mar-02
    US69         NA2X     27-Jun-02
    US70       PA3GJE     01-Dec-02
    US71         WC9C     09-Jan-03
    US72         K9PO     06-Feb-03
    US73        KF2ZQ     23-Feb-03
    US74        W5SSG     17-Mar-03
    US75	JO2OXL	   2-Apr-03
    US76         W4JBB    10-May-03
    US77         W0EEC    28-Jun-03
    US78         K4RCR    28-Jun-03
    US79         N9KQQ     7-Jan-04
    US80        KA4KYI     3-Mar-04
    US81         WS4Z      8-Jun-04
    US82        N1MIW     22-Jul-04
    US83       KC7USS     11-Oct-04
    US84       SP9SOU     19-Oct-04
    US85        K0TOM      2-Nov-04
    US86       SP9TTX     21-Dec-04
    US87        VE6AB     13-Jan-04
    US88       IW9HBY      5-Apr-05
    US89        W4SCO      3-May-05
    US90        W9DQ      27-Sep-05
    US91       KD5MSS     25-Oct-05
    US92       WI7B       11-Dec-05
    US93       KE7EYQ     30-Jan-06
    US94        K7RQN     06-Feb-06
    US95       VE3DIJ     02-Mar-06
    US96       PH7AT      26-Jul-06
    US97       WA4AEJ     19-Sep-06
    US98        N1XED     26-Sep-06
    US99        W3AFE     28-Sep-06
    US100      KF4OTN     11-Oct-06
    US101      EB3FYM     01-Dec-06 
    US102      9W2QC      28-Dec-06
    US103      DF7WN      10-Jan-07
    US104      EB3JT      31-Jan-07    
    US105      CT1ETE     16-Feb-07 
    US106      KB3MBO     20-Feb-07
    US107      NA4N       18-Mar-07
    US108      KC8RAN     25-Apr-07
    US109       N2JDQ     04-May-07
    US110      XE2RV      02-Jul-07
    US111       N3YZ      31-Jul-07
    US112       K7WIN     04-Sep-07
    US113      KD8CAO     19-Sep-07
    US114      CT2ISG     15-Oct-07      
    US115       N4NAB     06-Dec-07
    US116       N1SPX     17-Dec-07
    US117      AJ1O       22-Jan-08
    US118      WD9EWK     28-Feb-08
    US119      AA4FL      25-Mar-08
    US120      SW1JGW     08-Apr-08
    US121       W4DFU     18-Apr-08
    US122     KI4BKE      14-May-08 
    US123     NA2H        07-Aug-08 
    US124      W8KHP      13-Aug-08
    US125     VE2DWE      20-Aug-08
    US126     WA2S        10-Sep-08
    US127     EA3AGH      29-Oct-08
    US128      I6IBE      19-Nov-08
    US129     KB0RZD      18-Jan-09
    US130     KC9MLN      10-Jan-09
    US131     WA4NVM      04-Mar-09
    US132     KB1PVH      04-Mar-09
    US133     WW3O        26-May-09
    US134     KB9CL       26-May-09
    US135     KX3TL       26-May-09
    US136     WA5KBH      05-Jun-09
    US137     OD5RI       04-Aug-09
    US138     KC0ZHF      19-Aug-09
    US139     9A2EY       02-Nov-09
    US140     9A5YY       30-Nov-09
    US141     K5KNT       01-Nov-09
    US142     KD0HKD      20-Jan-10
    US143     AC8CX       26-Jan-10
    US144     CU3EQ       27-Jan-10
    US145     KI6YAA      06-Apr-10
    US146     N0JE        21-Apr-10
    US147     WA7ETH      27-Apr-10
    US148     W6ZKH       13-Aug-10
    US149     K0BAM       01-Sep-10
    US150     N2JK        27-Sep-10
    US151     SQ9MES      06-Oct-10
    US152     N8RO        13-Oct-10
    US153     AJ5C        16-Oct-10
    US154     KB9RID      19-Oct-10
    US155     AA4QE       22-Oct-10
    US156     KD8KSN      30-Oct-10
    US157     KB1RVT      09-Nov-10
    US158     9A2GA       22-Nov-10
    US159     K7TEJ       02-Dec-10
    US160     KE4KOL      12-Dec-10
    US161     KA6SIP      14-Dec-10
    US162     WB0KFC      14-Dec-10
    US163     AC0RA       19-Jan-11
    US164     N2VYT       26-Jan-11
    US165     9A3ST       02-Mar-11
    US166     KA5IQX      20-May-11
    US167     DL0IKT      31-May-11
    US168     WB8TGY      06-Jul-11
    US169     KA3HSW      07-Jul-11
    US170     K7BBR       16-Jul-11
    US171     W5PFG       20-Jul-11
    US172     YO6PIB      08-Aug-11
    US173     NX9G        25-Oct-11
    US174     KF5LOQ      25-Oct-11
    US175     WD4DHJ      29-Oct-11
    US176     UA3RAB      22-Nov-11
    US177     IK0USO      26-Nov-11
    US178     CO6CBF      21-Dec-12
    US179     KC9TTR      26-Jun-12
    US180     IK8YSS      10-Oct-12
    US181     DU2XXA      07-Nov-12
    US182     KD8OEE      20-Nov-12
    US183     KG4JAG      02-Dec-12
    US184     GM4CFS      13-Mar-13
    US185     N5JF        13-Jun-13
    US186     KM5LY       25-Jun-13
    US187     KC9GHA      06-Aug-13
    US188     VE6RGU      23-Aug-13
    US189     N8HM        29-Oct-13
    US190     W2SKI       11-Feb-14
    US191     DJ8MS       16-Apr-15
    US192     AI9IN       15-Jun-15
    US193     K6FW        27-Jul-15
    US194     W3UTD       27-JUL-15
    US195     KA4H        11-Aug-15
    US196     NP4JV       10-Dec-15
    US197     N6UK        02-Nov-16
    US198     AL7RS       04-Nov-16
    US199     AE5PH       13-Nov-16
    US200     K8YSE/7     22-Nov-16
    US201     KG5CCI      08-Dec-16
    US202     VA3NNA      03-Jan-17
    US203     KK4FEM      31-Jan-17
    US204     OM4MX       10-Mar-17
    US205     HI8KW       06-Apr-17
    US206     WI4L        16-Dec-17

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