K2ZRO Technical Achievement Award


The K2ZRO Memorial Station Engineering Award is an award for station excellence in receiving. Periodically during the year, W5ACM, Andy MacAllister will conduct this test. He transmits a series of 5 digits at becon strength in CW on AO-13. He will then reduce his power by 50% or 3db. He transmits another series of 5 digits. He will continue to reduce power by 50% until he is transmitting at 30db below beacon strength or level A. You attempt to copy the 5 digits to the level you can hear and send your report to Andy MacAlister, 14714 Knightsway Dr., Houston, TX 77083 along with the usual $5.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members. Please note that U.S. Postage rates now require envelopes with stiffeners in them to go as first class small packages. It is $1.50 within the U.S. The first time you submit, you will receive a certificate. After that, you will receive endorsement stickers to place on the certificate. There is no fee for the endorsement stickers other than 1 unit of postage. Although this test can no longer be done, if you copied any of the previous tests, you may still submit for the award.

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