Mar 24 URL’s Posted

March 24, 2020 Net #1350

AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
AMSAT Hardware Store
IARU Region 2 Hamsat Zoom Workshop
River Bend Rove (EN22,EN33,EN34,EN42,EN43,EN44) April 2-4
Mountains to Bay Rove (CM88,89,98,99; DM09,19,29; DN00,01,02,10,11,20,21) April 12-21
AMSAT BoD Meeting Minutes 2/4/20
Satellite Basics (Part 3)- Upgrading to the Linear Satellites
Hamvention Announces Refund Information
Australis OSCAR 5 Book
FUNCube TLM Receive Antenna Available
Remote Display over USB for Kenwood TH-D74
IO-86 Spreads Fight Coronavirus Message
LAPAN-A2 IO-86 on Twitter
M2 Pathfinder Satellite Launch Imminent
Subscribe to AMSAT-BB
Balloon Experiments
Make Your Own Super-pressure Balloons

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Mar 17 URL’s Posted

March 17, 2020 Net #1349

AMSAT News Service List
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
AMSAT Hardware Store
Donate to AMSAT
SpaceX CRS-20 Launch
FoxTelem Version 1.08z5 Windows
FoxTelem Version 1.08z5 Linux
FoxTelem Version 1.08z5 Mac
FoxTelem Problem Logger on GitHub
Red River Gorge, KY (EM87) March 19-24 Michael, N4DCW
Midwinter Madness Rove: (EN24, EN25, EN34) March 20-21 Mitch, AD0HJ
River Bend Wireless Rove (EN22, EN33, EN34, EN42, EN43, EN44) April 2-4 Mitch AD0HJ
Mountains to the Bay (CM88,89,98,99 DM09,19,29 DN00,01,02,10,11,20,21) April 12-21, 2020 RJ, WY7AA
Amateur Radio Satellites for Beginners by Steve Ford, WB8IMY
Rocket Lab Launch Update
Satellite Batteries Paper

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Mar 10 URL’s Posted

March 10, 2020 Net #1348

AMSAT-BB Listinfo
AMSAT News Service Listinfo
Hamsat Status Page
PSAT3 Info
AMSAT Academy Registration
23cm Band EU Scrutiny
ISS Replacement
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
AMSAT Hardware Store
AMSAT Donations
Big Bend Park (DL88) Mar 16-17 AD0DX
Big Bend Park (DL88) Mar 16-17 W3ARD
Big Bend Park (DL88) Mar 16-17 N6UA
Central Nevada (DM19) Mar 21 AD7DB
HSU-SAT1 System
HSU-SAT1 Specifications
Updated FoxTelem Windows
Updated FoxTelem Linux
Updated FoxTelem Mac
Github for FoxTelem Issue Reporting
WD9EWK on Twitter
WD9EWK APRS Tracking

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Mar 03 URL’s Posted

March 03, 2020 Net #1347

AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
Space Camp at Biosphere 2
AMSAT Hardware Store
New QO-100 Bandplan
Donate to AMSAT
Big Bend Park (DL88) March 16-17 AD0DX
Big Bend Park (DL88) March 16-17 W3ARD
Big Bend Park (DL88) March 16-17 N6UA
Central Nevada (DM19) March 21 AD7DB
AMSAT SA Space Symposium
MEMESat-1 Proposed
Northrop Grumman Service Bot-Sat
Bot-Sat Photos
Subscribe to AMSAT-BB
Subscribe to AMSAT News Service
HSU-SAT1 CubeSat SSTV Downlink
Ham QFH Sat Antennas at Workshop
AMSAT-India participated at Somaiya Space Conclave 2020
School Project QO-100 Ham Stations
UK Ofcom on EMF Compliance
IARU-R1 VHF-UHF-uW Newsletter
AMSAT-UK Twitter
AMSAT-UK Facebook
Need Rocket for Launch of PSAT3
Greater Houston Hamfest

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