Mar 17 URL’s Posted

March 17, 2020 Net #1349

AMSAT News Service List
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
AMSAT Hardware Store
Donate to AMSAT
SpaceX CRS-20 Launch
FoxTelem Version 1.08z5 Windows
FoxTelem Version 1.08z5 Linux
FoxTelem Version 1.08z5 Mac
FoxTelem Problem Logger on GitHub
Red River Gorge, KY (EM87) March 19-24 Michael, N4DCW
Midwinter Madness Rove: (EN24, EN25, EN34) March 20-21 Mitch, AD0HJ
River Bend Wireless Rove (EN22, EN33, EN34, EN42, EN43, EN44) April 2-4 Mitch AD0HJ
Mountains to the Bay (CM88,89,98,99 DM09,19,29 DN00,01,02,10,11,20,21) April 12-21, 2020 RJ, WY7AA
Amateur Radio Satellites for Beginners by Steve Ford, WB8IMY
Rocket Lab Launch Update
Satellite Batteries Paper

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