Monthly Archive: April 2020

Apr 28 URL’s Posted

April 28, 2020 Net #1355 ANS List March/April Apogee View VE7TIL Finds Another Lost Satellite AMSAT Office Closed Set Up Foxtelem Pix By AO-92 W4AMI Award AMSAT Hardware Store New AMSAT Shirt (dark) New AMSAT Shirt (light) Upcoming Satellite Ops…
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Apr 21 URL’s Posted

April 21, 2020 Net #1354 ARISS Pandemic Plan AMSAT Office Closed AMSAT Doc on Orbital Debris Mitigation Letter to FCC From Congress KU2Y Build CubeSat Frame CubeSat Simulator AMSAT Gear at Zazzle New AMSAT T-Shirt at Zazzle (dark) New AMSAT…
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Apr 14 URL’s Posted

April 14, 2020 Net #1353 ARISS COVID-19 Plan AMSAT Office Closed AMSAT Nepal SanoSat-1 Report on SDRs for Small Satellites Report on Brazil 70cm and 23cm Mountains to Bay Rove (CM88,89,98,99; DM09,19,29; DN00,01,02,10,11,20,21)4/12-21/20 Rocket Lab Recovery Test Video SpaceX’s Starship…
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Apr 07 URL’s Posted

April 07, 2020 Net #1352 AMSAT Office Closed Have a Future Astronaut NO-104 Info Online Canadian Ham Course AfriCUBE Updates STEMINYOURBACKYARD NASA STEM Page ARISS Info Mountains to Bay Rove (CM88,89,98,99; DM09,19,29; DN00,01,02,10,11,20,21) April 12-21 Hamsat DX Records Donate PC…
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Mar 31 URL’s Posted

March 31, 2020 Net #1351 AMSAT News Service List AMSAT Gear on Zazzle AMSAT Hardware Store Donate to AMSAT AMSAT Indonesia ORARI Follow LAPAN-A2 Ham Talk Live With Frank KA3HDO ARISS Webpage River Bend Rove (EN22,EN33,EN34,EN42,EN43,EN44) April 2-4 Mountains to…
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