Monthly Archive: November 2020

Nov 24 URL’s Posted

Nov 24, 2020 Net #1385 AMSAT-EA Projects AD0HJ Roves NOAH Satellites Beginner’s Video KX9X Hamsat Beginner Video Series #1 NASA Scan on Facebook Def Con Event Videos on Youtube Neutron-1 Updates Proposal by ORI for AmbaSat Inspired Sensors Hamsat Overview…
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Nov 17 URL’s Posted

Nov 17, 2020 Net #1384 1998 APRS and Leonids Meteors 1998 APRS Leonids Experiment Page AMSAT Italia and ISA STEAM Agreement ORI – M17 VOCODER Project Neutron-1 Cubesat Neutron-1 Post-Launch TLE BLT-62 KTRU Rice Radio ARISS 20th Anniversary Message ARISS…
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Nov 10 URL’s Posted

Nov 10, 2020 Net #1383 Neutron-1 Beacon Format Neutron-1 Webpage OreSat0 Webpage OreSat0 on Github AMSAT-UK IARU Satellite Info 7Q7RU Malawi DXpedition EIRSAT-1 Video Tel Aviv U Hamsat Article BLT-62 KTRU Rice Radio ARISS Operating Mode ARISS Frequencies Upcoming Hamsat…
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Nov 03 URL’s Posted

Nov 03, 2020 Net #1382 Neutron-1 Beacon Format Neutron-1 Website AMSAT-EA Website Hamsat DX Records Track Satellites With A Commodore PET QUIKTRAK for Commodore 64 and Apple II Virgin Orbit on Launch Demo 2 AMSAT BoD Meeting Minutes AMSAT Members-Only…
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