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Mar 17 URL’s Posted

March 17, 2020 Net #1349 AMSAT News Service List AMSAT Gear on Zazzle AMSAT Hardware Store Donate to AMSAT ARISS SpaceX CRS-20 Launch FoxTelem Version 1.08z5 Windows FoxTelem Version 1.08z5 Linux FoxTelem Version 1.08z5 Mac FoxTelem Problem Logger on GitHub…
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Mar 10 URL’s Posted

March 10, 2020 Net #1348 AMSAT-BB Listinfo AMSAT News Service Listinfo Hamsat Status Page DARPA LAUNCH CHALLENGE PSAT3 Info AMSAT Academy Registration 23cm Band EU Scrutiny ISS Replacement AMSAT Gear on Zazzle AMSAT Hardware Store AMSAT Donations Big Bend Park…
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Feb 18 URL’s Posted

Feb 18, 2020 Net #1345 AMSAT GOLF-TEE satellite AMSAT Gear on our Zazzle storefront AMSAT Linear Transponder Module (LTM-1) and HuskySat-1 Free Digital Copy of “Getting Started with Amateur Satellites” Avai Instructions at The digital download version of the 2019…
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Jan 28 URL’s Posted

Jan 28, 2020 Net #1342 AMSAT News Service Subscription Newest Version of FoxTelem Software Donate to GOLF Updated Fox-In-A-Box FoxTelem Software HuskySat-1 AMSAT Gear on Zazzle Foundations of AMSAT Panel on AO-5 Australian Radio Show on AO-5 Info About AO-5…
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Jan 21 URL’s Posted

Jan 21, 2020 Net #1341 AMSAT Volunteers GOLF Donations ARISS QSO Proposals ARISS Proposal Webinar AMSAT Hardware Store AMSAT APIs More AMSAT APIs Qarman Beacon Definition QARMAN_BCNdef_v1.1 Beacon Decoder spreadsheet QARMAN_BCNdecoder Getting Started – Digital Download Memorial Service – Brian…
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