Monthly Archive: March 2021

Mar 30 URL’s Posted

Mar 30, 2021 Net #1402 IARU Coordinated Frequencies AMSAT TLE update Funcube data warehouse Last Man Standing Special Event Clint Bradford Presentations AMSAT-EA English Language Newsletter Southgate ARC YouTube video Radio Surfer Award K0FFY Interactive QSL ARISS Operation Mode Join…
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Mar 23 URL’s Posted

Mar 23, 2021 Net #1401 Current edition of AMSAT Journal for members AMSAT VP Engineering at JAMSAT ARISS Press Conference on Columbus Radio System Houston AMSAT Net #1400 – 28 years BCCSAT-1 UNISAT-7 Schedule UNISAT-7 Beacon SpaceX bid on a…
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Mar 16 URL’s Posted

Mar 16, 2021 Net #1400 Eight Satellites Deployed Two of Eight Satellites Deployed have ham transponders UVSQ-Sat UVSQ-Sat Twitter feed Owen Garriott vintage video Richard Garriott vintage video ARISS News Conference to repair coax or connections SpaceX test flight Join…
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Mar 09 URL’s Posted

Mar 09, 2021 Net #1399 AMSAT Ambassadors to Speak at QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo QO-100 WB Transponder Banpland and Operating Guidelines Rubins and Noguchi space walk JAMSAT Symposium 2021 ARISS contact with Sterling Middle School SpaceX ends 3rd Starship…
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Mar 02 URL’s Posted

Mar 02, 2021 Net #1398 Recordings of signals from Tianwen-1 Updated TLEs from Ray, WA5QGD TLE explanation for newcomers FSI-SAT1 and JAGSAT information IARU Region 1 Source ITU-R WP4C Summary Meeting Report W7LT on Twitter Look back at Sunsat JAXA…
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