Monthly Archive: June 2021

Jun 29 URL’s

Jun 29, 2021 Net #1413 MIR-SAT1 video clipMauritus Amateur Society AwardsVideo how to use gr-satellites and GQRXPacsat Ground station softwareMir-Sat-1 telemetry uploadMIR-SAT1 award applicationKX9X How To VideoKX9X How To Video downloadVanguard 1 commentaryDeployable mirrorsWooden satellite constructionFlexible tapemeasure antennasSatellite distance recordsAMSAT…
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Jun 22 URL’s

Jun 22, 2021 Net #1412 Check your email at AMSAT Membership PortalARISS BlogISS Pass TimesSSTV info and linksAPRS to VoiceNO-84 HF to UHF transponderMIR-SAT1AMSAT Pacsat Ground Station SoftwareGR-SatellitesMIR-SAT1 Awards ProgramCEPT Radio Amateur Forum Group23cm band RNSS WRC itemIARU R1 SRLCIARU…
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Jun 15 URL’s

Jun 15, 2021 Net #1411 Tribute to Andy, W5ACM and Donation Direct link to donate in Andy, W5ACM, at AMSAT Tribute to Andy, W5ACM and Donation at BVARC CHESS CubeSats CHESS CubeSats Project Announcement Jan 2021 FunCube Dongle CubeSat Simulator…
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Jun 08 URL’s

This seems to be working fine. I am going to discontinue the page with all the URL’s unless someone thinks I should keep it. Let me know. Jun 08, 2021 Net #1410 Tribute to Andy, W5ACM and Donation Direct link…
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Jun 01 URL’s

I am trying something new today. I am placing the URL’s in the post. This should make it so when you search for past posts down the road, you will see each one instead of having to browse through the…
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