Monthly Archive: July 2021

Jul 27 URL’s

Jul 27, 2021 Net #1417Registration for AMSAT 2021 SymposiumAMSAT BOD biographiesAMSAT BOD ballots for membersExample of ITR waterfallFO-29 and AO-109 schedulesPicture of VK5QI ground station antennas10th Annual NASA Space Apps ChallengeQO-100 updatesISS pass prediction timesSatellite distance recordsAMSAT on ZAZZLE storeFO-99…
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Jul 20 URL’s

Jul 20, 2021 Net #1416 AMSAT Symposium HotelAMSAT Symposium RegistrationAMSAT BOD Candidates BIOAMSAT BOD Link to VoteMay/June issue of AMSAT Journal for membersARISS SSTV blogARISS SSTV AwardISS pass prediction timesSSTV info and linksNASA 2021 Entrepreneurs ChallengeSatellite distance recordsAMSAT on ZAZZLE…
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Jul 06 URL’s

Jul 06, 2021 Net #1414 2021 13 Colonies EventNASA SpaceX missionsD-OrbitSatellite distance recordsAMSAT on ZAZZLE storeFO-99 ScheduleAMSAT Keplerian ElementsARISS Operation ModeJoin the 2021 Presidents ClubAMSAT Getting Started with Amateur Satellites digitalAMSAT Getting Started with Amateur Satellites printAMSAT News ServiceAMSAT Office…
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