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Aug 03, 2021 Net #1418

Sorry for the delay. My internet provider is very unreliable and there is no other option except going to satellite or T-Mobile Internet which I tried and does not work well for home camera streaming, like not at all.

Registration for AMSAT 2021 Symposium
AMSAT Apogee View
Satellite Distance Records
AM1SAT awards
Solar Wind Stream hit earth
ISS pass prediction times
Satellite distance records
FO-99 Schedule
AMSAT Keplerian Elements
ARISS Operation Mode
Join the 2021 Presidents Club
AMSAT Getting Started with Amateur Satellites digital
AMSAT Getting Started with Amateur Satellites print
AMSAT News Service
AMSAT Hardware Store
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
AMSAT Remove Before Flight Keychains
AMSAT Membership
AMSAT Donations
AMSAT on Twitter

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