Jul 05 URL’s

July 05, 2022 Net #1466
13 Colonies
13 Colonies FaceBook
JAMSAT Symposium Video
Field Day 2022 Logs Due
AMSAT Rover Award
AMSAT GridMaster Award
ESAs Gaia mission
KX9X and N9NCY Wild West Rove
HamXposition – Marlborough, MA
Rocy Mountain ARRL Division Convention
Three new AMSAT Distance Records
CHIME radio telescope
Super Nova Early Warning System
Chirp for gravitational wave even alerts
Space Weather Alerts
Join AMSAT on Discord
AMSAT GridMaster Award
AMSAT CubeSatSim v1.2 software
AMSAT-TAPR Banquet and Hamvention Tickets
AMSAT Volunteers Needed
Hamvention link
Donate to the GOLF program
73 on 73 award
HO-113 tips and tricks
HO-113 User manual
2021 AMSAT Virtual Symposium replay
AMSAT Keps Link
AMSAT Distance Records
AMSAT President Club
Satellite Status Page
Satellite Status Page 2
FM Satellite Frequencies
Linear Satellite Frequencies
ISS pass prediction times
FO-29 Schedule
ARISS Operation Mode
AMSAT Getting Started with Amateur Satellites digital
AMSAT Getting Started with Amateur Satellites print
AMSAT News Service
AMSAT Hardware Store
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
AMSAT Remove Before Flight Keychains
AMSAT Membership
AMSAT Donations
AMSAT on Twitter

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