Dec 06 URL’s

December 06, 2022 Net #1488
IO-117 FG8OJ info
IO-117 F5VKV info
IO-117 VK5EI info
WSJT-X Update Notes
WSJT-X Download link
WGJT-X User Guide
WSJT-X Additional Licenses
Dhruva Space
Below are recurring links that normally do not change
FO-99 Schedule
HO-113 tips and tricks
HO-113 User manual
AMSAT Keps Link
AMSAT Distance Records
AMSAT President Club
Satellite Status Page
Satellite Status Page 2
FM Satellite Frequencies
Linear Satellite Frequencies
ISS pass prediction times
FO-29 Schedule
ARISS Operation Mode
AMSAT Getting Started with Amateur Satellites digital
AMSAT News Service
AMSAT Hardware Store
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
AMSAT Remove Before Flight Keychains
AMSAT Membership
AMSAT Donations
AMSAT on Twitter