Feb 28 URL’s

February 28, 2023 Net #1500
Space Station contact with Malta
ARISS Proposal Guide
ARISS US School and Educator Proposal
2023 CubeSat Workshop
Round 2 QRP EME
Greencube Terminal program update
Searching for Space Pirates on Old Military Satellites
NASA needs Ham Volunteers
Below are recurring links that normally do not change
FO-99 Schedule
HO-113 tips and tricks
HO-113 User manual
AMSAT Keps Link
AMSAT Distance Records
AMSAT President Club
Satellite Status Page
Satellite Status Page 2
FM Satellite Frequencies
Linear Satellite Frequencies
ISS pass prediction times
FO-29 Schedule
AMSAT Getting Started with Amateur Satellites digital
AMSAT News Service
AMSAT Hardware Store
AMSAT Gear on Zazzle
AMSAT Remove Before Flight Keychains
AMSAT Membership
AMSAT Donations
AMSAT on Twitter