Houston AMSAT Net by Bruce Paige, KK5DO, is for amateur radio satellite operators. We discuss topics related to satellites and balloon launches. Heard every Tuesday evening at 8PM CST over our Real Audio server, Geostationary Satellite and Live on local repeaters.

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Houston AMSAT Net
(AMSAT-NA Director, Contests and Awards)

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You can request a P5/4L4FN, D2PFN or AP2AUM QSL card
right from my webpage without having to send for it. Click here

Live Tuesday Evenings 8PM Central Time
Heard locally in Houston on 145.47 (PL 123.0) W5RPT FM Repeater
Back up repeater 146.70 MHz FM WA5TWT Repeater

(Wednesday 0100 UTC March-September, 0200 UTC October-February)

We are now on Echolink - Conference *AMSAT*

LISTEN.EHHH Live streaming during the net on the internet

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We use the IRC irc.radiochat.org,6667 while the net is live

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Mahana, W5BTS, (11 years old) makes contact with the International Space Station, NA1SS
2001 May 02 4:20 CDT (2120Z) with Jim Voss       Listen to MP3
2001 May 10 1:55 CDT (1855Z) with Susan Helms Listen to MP3

Susan Helms aboard the ISS
Astronaut Susan Helms operating from the ISS.
She is wearing her 2001 ARRL Field Day pin
Photo from NASA

Susan Helms receiving an Award from AMSAT
Astronaut Susan Helms receiving an Award from AMSAT
presented by Bruce, KK5DO and Mahana, W5BTS (July 2, 2002)

Here we are, setup at the movie Frequency Click here to see the pictures

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The Original Sputnik 1 TWA Flight 800
As recorded on 1957 Oct 06 by William Magnusson, VK3JT in Melbourne, Australia using an Eddystone Model 680X and a Dipole on 15m height. The frequency was 20.001 Mc/s.

Last few minutes with the control tower.



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