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Ed, P5/4L4FN

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P5/4L4FN operation QRT 2002 November 22 See story under P5 News

Complete P5/4L4FN operational Statistics

Only SSB QSO's are accepted, no CW
RTTY Approved 2002 July 18 for DXCC (all QSO's)

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Overseas postage is $1.10 cents (1 ounce letter) in 2013.
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First P5/4L4FN credited by the ARRL

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On 2003 Dec 17 the P5/4L4FN log was uploaded to the ARRL Log of the World (LOTW)
Please note that QSO's from November 9, 2001 through November 30, 2001 will not have the correct time in the log because Ed was logging using an Excel spreadsheet. You will not be able to match his start time and will have to send for a QSL card through his manager, KK5DO. All QSO's after November 30, 2001 contain the correct QSO time.

Bruce Paige
PO Box 310
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A ham in Ohio writes -
"It is sad for me but this is the last of my nearly 60 years of DXing. Am closing out my home and going to live in an assisted living home, leaving behind all the antennas, amplifiers and assorted junk.

Bruce, I guess there is some kind of cynical humor involved, but the P5 was the last country unworked for me. So...I can CL and say it is now the time to qrt and shut her down.

I am 85 and my wife passed away in September and there is too much risk involved to continue to live here alone in this big house with winter coming.

Please pay my respects to the gang in the pile ups."

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