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Houston AMSAT Net

Data updated 2007 June 20

Originates Live from Houston Tuesdays at 8:00 PM Central Time (0100 UTC May-Oct, 0200 UTC Nov-Apr) on 145.470 MHz PL 123.0

These repeater operators carry the net live or retransmit it at a more
convienent time. If you like the net, let your repeater trustee know.
They go through a lot of trouble to bring you our net so thank them.
If your local repeater does not carry our net, ask the trustee if they

Please let me know if someone on the list no longer carries the net
so that I can remove it from the list. 

Salem, OH Repeater Network
KB8MFV   147.285  PL 88.5    Salem, OH (East Central Ohio and West Central PA,
                             including Akron, Canton, Youngstown and East Liverpool)
KB8MFV/R 442.100  PL 88.5
KB8MFV/R  53.030  PL 88.5
KB8MFV/R  29.680  PL 88.5

Knoxville Repeater Group
WA4TEM   145.330             Covering Northern Al, Northern GA,
                             Western NC, Southeastern KY, Eastern TN

Southern Wisconsin Repeater Group
AA9AD     53.090             Fort Atkinson, WI
N9KAN    443.400             Madison, WI
KD9UU    443.675             North Freedom, WI

The K4LK Repeater Network
K4LK      51.840             Largo, FL
K4LK     145.230             Largo, FL
K4LK     147.285             St. Petersburg, FL
K4LK     442.075             Clearwater Beach, FL
K4LK     443.625             St. Petersburg, FL
K4LK     443.950             Port Richey, FL (West Pasco county)

The K4LK system carries the net live at 9:00 PM eastern time.  It is taped
and re-transmitted in its entirety on Wednesday and Thursday evenings
beginning at 7:00 PM eastern time.

Other Repeaters and Frequencies (Alphabetized by State then City)
WA4QKC   145.110             Albertiville, AL
W6VIO    224.080             Pasadena, CA (Pasadena, Los Angeles,
                                     North Orange County Areas)
N6ICW    147.195             Sacramento Valley, CA
K6CCC    ATV Repeater        Santiago Peak, Orange County, CA
                             10.4Ghz FM Video/6.8Mhz audio subcarier Input
                             3.480 Ghz FM Video/6.8Mhz audio subcarier Output
NO6B     445.450             Sunset Ridge, CA (Pasadena, Los Angeles,
                                     San Bernardino & Orange County Areas)
N2JEU    146.670             West Haven, CT
KM4OP    444.950             Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, FL
KE4TP    145.750  Simplex    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
WA4HXZ   146.670             Lakeworth, FL (West Palm Beach Area)
AA4EE    146.850             Palm Beach, FL (Key West to South Ft Myers)
KE4GJC   146.910             Sarasota, FL
AB4KN    442.500             Peachtree City, GA
WB9YCZ   147.390             Noblesville, IN (N. Indianapolis Area)
KB9BNR   146.550  Simplex    Moline, IL (40 Mile range)
N9SBH    146.505  Simplex    North Webster, IN
N9SBH    224.160             North Webster, IN
WB9YCZ   444.125             Noblesville, IN (N. Indianapolis Area)
N0PMZ    146.570  Simplex    Garden City, KS
K1FFK    146.910             Adams, MA (Delayed transmit Sunday 0200Z)
KA0PQW   223.940             Chaska, MN  (Minneapolis/St. Paul Area)
WB0BWL   145.210             Columbia Heights, MN (Minneapolis Area)
WA0VQX   147.450  Simplex    Waseca, MN
WA0RCR     1.860  160M AM    Wentzville, MO
WA0ZOK   146.715             Horace, ND
WA0ZOK   443.750             Horace, ND
W1WQM    146.805  PL 127.3   Newmerket/Portsmouth, NH
K2BOG    146.925             Vernon, NJ
KD3NC    920.800             Albany, NY
KD3NC    447.225             Troy, NY
WA5LVT   146.805             Tulsa Repeater Organization - Tulsa, OK
AA3RG    146.640             Pine Grove, PA - Southeastern PA
AE5RJ    147.160             El Paso, TX
WA5YVC   146.760             Ft. Worth, TX
KB7PLA   147.900             Riverton, WY
VE6GPS   444.400             Edmonton, Alberta  Canada
VE3RCK   146.865             Kitchener, Ontario  Canada
VE3XTX   146.730             Owen Sound, Ontario  Canada
S55UCE   145.4625            Eastern Slovenia (JN76oh), Delayed Saturday 8PM Local
S55UCE   434.900             Eastern Slovenia (JN76oh), Delayed Saturday 8PM Local
                             Both repeaters also serve parts of Austria and Crotia

Compiled by: Bruce Paige - KK5DO
Check-in, questions, queries, comments during the net? Call us:
Marty Smith WD5DZC   (713) 467-9870

For Additions, Corrections, or Suggestions after the net?
Marty Smith WD5DZC   (713) 467-9870 (Voice Message)
Bruce Paige KK5DO    Internet: kk5do ...AT...

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Please let us know if you are repeating our net so we can add your
repeater to this list.

73's de Marty & Bruce    See ya on the birds.

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