July 22, 2024

Houston AMSAT Net

For Amateur Radio Satellite Operators


The Houston AMSAT Net is a weekly net in Houston on the 145.19 MHz repeater. It is simulcast on Echolink channel *AMSAT* and on the internet at http://listen.ehhh.us:8000

Following the net, the file is uploaded to my website, https://www.amsatnet.com/audio.html as well as to the Apple iTunes store as a podcast (search for AMSAT at the iTunes store).

The site is owned and operated by Bruce Paige, KK5DO. kk5do at arrl dot net

All my equipment was prior to December, 2016. Now at my new home, I have scaled down. I have an Icom IC-9100, my M2 Leo Pack and working on an HF antenna of some sort. Just a bit slow in doing so.

My Station


My satellite antennas are mounted to my chimney with a 15 foot, 2 inch diameter pipe. They clear the chimney when elevated 90º by one foot. Notice mother nature flying by in the second two photos of the satellite antennas.

My hf antenna (Force 12 C4) is mounted on a MA-40 crank up tower and
is shown fully elevated. On top of it is a Cushcraft 13B2.

My ham shack and some awards on the wall. Radios (IC-756 Pro 2 and IC-810H) have been replaced with an Icom IC-9100 now, monitor is a bit larger, 21″.

  …and time moves on

All photos were taken with my Epson Digital 3000Z Camera (a long time ago).

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